Holly Stacey

Holly StaceyHolly Stacey started life as an archaeologist and adventurer – she began writing just a few years later when she started primary school. Her writing has been included in anthologies by Pill Hill Press, Bridge House, Rebel Books, and Wyvern Publications. She mostly writes dark teen fiction often with a folklore twist. Her teen novel, The Faerie Conspiracies is available on the buy from amazon and available to order from most bookstores. You can read more about Holly on her blog page: http://inkydoom.blogspot.com/


knowonder! Stories by Holly:

In Collection Vol.2 – The White Sail
Lady Valina and the Hungry Dragon
Jenny’s Wish
Helgi the Brave
Elda’s Dilemna

In Collection Vol.3 – Nerissa’s Celebration
Nerissa’s Celebration – THE COVER STORY! HUZZAH!!
Princess Piggy
Merinda’s Gift
Sapphire and Weld

In Collection Vol.4 – Herman’s Horrible Day
Starlight and Pondweed

Holly’s Works in the Real World:

The Faerie Conspiracies
Blood Tide

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