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Cake Parade


by Sandie Lee – Trumpets blared. Drums rat-tat-tatted. The smell of cake hung in the air. Princess Adelia’s birthday was here. It was time again for the cake parade. In a tiny, crooked house near the parade route Simus Sweet

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Activity – Overcoming Fears with Your Children

In today’s story, Grandma Gertie’s own awesome adventures inspire her granddaughter to overcome some of her own fears. Here’s an activity that will help your children overcome some of theirs! 1.  Make a list with your child of all the

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The Best Horse in the World

by Donna West One day, Daddy asked Tommy, “Do you want a horse?” “Oh yes, Daddy! Please!” Tommy said. So Daddy spent all the next day in his workshop in the basement. He worked and worked. When he was done,

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Tanya’s Empty Basket

by Penny Lane Tanya’s skirt fluttered with the breeze as she skipped past Mrs. Miller’s house. “What do you have in the basket, Tanya?” asked Mrs. Miller. Tanya stopped skipping to answer. “I filled this basket with flowers, and blackberries,

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