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Cake Parade


by Sandie Lee – Trumpets blared. Drums rat-tat-tatted. The smell of cake hung in the air. Princess Adelia’s birthday was here. It was time again for the cake parade. In a tiny, crooked house near the parade route Simus Sweet

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The Ice Dragon


by Holly Stacey Helgi gazed at the fire and nestled down into the thick fur rug in front. His grandfather was snoozing in the wooden chair, his long white beard mingled with the plate of freshly baked sliced loaf still

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The Wind’s Tale

He lifted it with a trembling hand and shouted with a trembling voice: 'Gold! gold!'

- by Hans Christian Andersen ABOUT WALDEMAR DAA AND HIS DAUGHTERS When the wind sweeps across a field of grass it makes little ripples in it like a lake; in a field of corn it makes great waves like the

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The Garden of Paradise

The eagle in the great forest flew swiftly, but the Eastwind flew more swiftly still.

- by Hans Christian Andersen There was once a king’s son; nobody had so many or such beautiful books as he had. He could read about everything which had ever happened in this world, and see it all represented in

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A Book Review For You!

I recently read this book aloud to my 7 y/o daughter and we loved the stories SO MUCH – I simply had to share this book review with you all… Three Tales of My Father’s Dragon By Ruth Stiles Gannett

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The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen sat in the very middle of it when she sat at home.

- A Tale in Seven Stories – – By Hans Christian Anderson – – Illustrated by Edmund Dulac – FIRST STORY WHICH DEALS WITH A MIRROR AND ITS FRAGMENTS Now we are about to begin, and you must attend; and

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The Velveteen Rabbit


By Margery Williams There was once a velveteen rabbit, and in the beginning he was really splendid. He was fat and bunchy, as a rabbit should be; his coat was spotted brown and white, he had real thread whiskers, and

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A Pushto Story Once upon a time there was a youth called Moti, who was very big and strong, but the clumsiest creature you can imagine. So clumsy was he that he was always putting his great feet into the

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The Enchanted Deer


From ‘Popular Tales of the West Highlands’ A young man was out walking one day in Erin, leading a stout cart-horse by the bridle. He was thinking of his mother and how poor they were since his father, who was

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Granny Gertie’s Wish List


by Dulcinea Norton-Smith, Lancashire, UK Granny Gertie didn’t bake cakes or knit scarves. Granny Gertie was a world famous explorer. When Lucy was 3 years old Granny Gertie went swimming with sharks in the Solomon Sea. She wore a sequined

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Activity – Overcoming Fears with Your Children

In today’s story, Grandma Gertie’s own awesome adventures inspire her granddaughter to overcome some of her own fears. Here’s an activity that will help your children overcome some of theirs! 1.  Make a list with your child of all the

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The Best Horse in the World

by Donna West One day, Daddy asked Tommy, “Do you want a horse?” “Oh yes, Daddy! Please!” Tommy said. So Daddy spent all the next day in his workshop in the basement. He worked and worked. When he was done,

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Tanya’s Empty Basket

by Penny Lane Tanya’s skirt fluttered with the breeze as she skipped past Mrs. Miller’s house. “What do you have in the basket, Tanya?” asked Mrs. Miller. Tanya stopped skipping to answer. “I filled this basket with flowers, and blackberries,

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